Friday, November 7, 2014

Back in the DF

I'm baaaaack. I'd been away from the DF for a bit (and from the blog even longer), so let's recap a bit...

Back in September I (finally!) finished the draft of my thesis and was able to go back to the U.S. for a bit while my thesis mentor was reading it.

Before I left the DF, I had an awesome visit with Karen, one of my first and best friends I met in Mexico, and my travel buddy those first six months. We only lived in the DF at the same time for one semester, but we've kept in touch and she's managed to make her way back to visit  twice now. It is so fantastic and refreshing to have friends that, even though time has passed, it feels like nothing has changed.

Me and Karen

I also made sure to eat my annual chile en nogada: a poblano pepper filled with picadillo (usually a mix of ground beef and/or pork, fruit, nuts, and spices) and covered in a walnut-based cream sauce with pomegranate seeds on top. This dish is typical in September, partially because its red, white, and green colors coincide nicely with Mexico's Independence Day celebrations and partially because pomegranates are season.

My chile en nogada

My chile en nogada, cut open
I had a fantastic time in the States and was able to visit lots of family and friends and attend two friends' weddings. I really enjoyed being home in the Fall as well: the colors and flavors of Fall are pretty high on the list of things I miss from home while I'm in Mexico.

colorful Fall leaves at the park

I've been back in the DF for two weeks now, just in time to go to (another!) wedding, make a day trip to Cuernavaca to visit a friend and meet her baby, visit Maltrata for Día de Muertos, and get started on thesis corrections.

Me and Edson at the wedding reception
in the DF

As for the thesis, I'm still waiting to get the last few sections of my draft back to finish corrections and, once that's done, I'll need four other professors to read and approve it and to jump through some bureaucratic hoops before I can have my thesis defense to graduate. Here's to hoping that the graduation process goes quickly and smoothly!

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