Monday, November 10, 2014

Chicken and potato enchiladas with mole

On Saturday Edson and I enjoyed homemade enchiladas for lunch (he cooked, I watched and took mental notes). They were delicious!

chicken and potato mole enchiladas 
He boiled the chicken, with a bit of garlic, onion, and salt. Once the chicken was cooked, he added the potatoes to the broth to cook. When they were done, he shredded the chicken and peeled and mashed the potatoes. In a pan, he added chicken broth to the mole paste (that I brought back from Maltrata), mixing until it boiled and attained the right consistency. From there, it was time to assemble the enchiladas: chicken, potato, and a bit of mole inside corn tortillas (folded in half), with mole, queso fresco, and onion on top. Yum!

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